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August's LIMITED EDITION drop is slightly different

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Landing later than usual, but 100% worth the wait . . . I have something very EXCITING in store for you this month.

If you follow me on social media you may be aware that I have teamed up with fellow Bristol based maker Rosa Pietsch to create a beautifully tactile, collaborative jewellery collection.

Rosa makes striking laser cut jewellery, sourcing rarely seen acrylics and combining them with resin cast components. Over the years she and I have crossed paths at markets and admired each other's work from a far but when she moved to Bristol a year and a half ago, plans for a creative collision began to take shape.

The resulting NEON SUNSET COLLECTION brings together our two distinctive styles and signature materials. Rosa's gorgeous iridescent, glittery and shimmering acrylics meet my vinyl printed fabrics and trademark fluorescent shades in this range, inspired by a shared love of art deco design and body adornment.

Work in progress. My vinyl printed fabric components laid out ready to stitch.

After creating mood boards and sketching out initial ideas Rosa and I went our separate ways, getting together every couple of weeks in our local pub to regroup, compare progress and play with composition and colour ways. Once we had settled on the final designs we worked in our respective studios, Rosa laser cutting and gluing her components while I vinyl printed, hand cut and stitched mine into place with my trusty domestic sewing machine. We then added the finishing touches, tassels, acrylic charms and studs together.

The collection features a recycled floral fabric, rescued from a charity shop sale rail, washed and repurposed.

The finished pieces are dripping in silky fringes and jangling charms, and as I'm sure you have come to expect include some recycled fabric. I chose a painterly floral fabric in dark indigo blue, hot pink, mid blue and apricot. Once a dress, rescued from a charity shop sale rail, before being washed and repurposed, the fabric inspired the final colour palette and features in several of our final pieces. Due to the relatively small quantity of this found fabric the pieces in this collection will be LIMITED EDITION.

Art Deco inspired Charm earrings featuring etched, iridescent acrylic studs and glitter printed recycled fabric.

The collection includes two statement bib necklaces, two pairs of statement earrings, a tassel pendant and a pair of studs.

Sharp, laser cut and etched lines contrast with soft and silky tassels and fringe.


Key pieces from the collection at Wilderness Festival earlier this month

These pieces are now ONLINE . . . . . click SHOP to peruse the collection.

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