Boldly printed, STATEMENT JEWELLERY by dakota rae dust.


These colourful earrings are part of my #jazzyplectrum project collection.

Components in every pair are made from recycled fabric or textile off cuts, allowing me to ensure no precious fabric goes to waste. 


Another benefit of using vintage and recycled fabrics is exclusivity.



The pale pink fabric used in these EARRINGS was once a kimono. 
Originally owned by my Granny, this garment was passed down to me, and worn till it fell apart. . . .but now lives on in these gorgeous statement earrings!!!

The hooks are made from surgical steel, making them a good choice for anyone with sensitive ears or a nickel allergy. The earrings measure roughly 4.5cm x 3.5cm

Each pair of earrings may vary very slightly due to the nature of production and the materials used. 

BRIGHTLY COLOURED EARRINGS in neon pink, pale pink and blue glitter.