Set of 5 glass CHRISTMAS BAUBLES filled with my bright and colourful waste vinyl scraps.


Each glass bauble measures 8cm across and has a fluorescent ribbon loop.




The bold patterns and shapes that adorn my jewellery and embellished sweatshirts are vinyl prints. The vinyl scraps in these baubles are the negative space that i weed out from around my designs before using a heat press to transfer them to fabric. In a drive to reduce the waste my business creates I have been collecting these colourful, fluorescent and glittery scraps since February and am overjoyed to have found such a pleasing way to recycle them. 


REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE for ETHICAL STYLE. Vist my ABOUT page for more info.


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COLOURFUL CHRISTMAS BAUBLES filled with vinyl waste

  • Each bauble measures 8cm across.