COLOURFUL FABRIC, FESTIVAL HEADDRESS by dakota rae dust featuring graphic stripes and geometric shapes.

Bright, one size fits all, halo shape headband featuring overlapping, fabric shapes, vinyl printed with bold stripes in glittery blue, turquoise green, fluorescent pink and neon red on bright blue elastic. 


The eye catching, contrasting coloured components have been cut and stitched into place. The headdress is fully adjustable as the elastic has been left open and can be tied with a bow to fit all head sizes. 

Being primarily fabric it is BRIGHT and BOLD but exceptionally LIGHT WEIGHT. 

Each decorative headband is handmade by me in my home studio (living room) so each one may vary slightly. 


  • The decorative arc in this headress measures roughly 24cm in length and 5cm in height. 

    It sits on a blue elastic band with fastened with a knot so is adjustable.