STRIPEY GEOMETRIC SHAPES and NEON CORAL FRINGE EARRINGS featuring recycled floral fabric and textile off cuts.


**Please excuse the photo quality. Many of the pieces in my JANUARY SALE are complete one offs originally made to be sold in person at festivals so have not been photographed in the same style as my current online stock. **


The fabric components in these earrings have been vinyl printed, hand cut and hand stitched into place.


Despite their size, being fabric they are light weight and easy to wear.


The hooks are made from surgical steel, making them a good choice for anyone with sensitive ears or a nickel allergy.


The earrings measure roughly 17cm x 6cm


Components in every pair of my statement earrings are made from recycled fabric or textile off cuts, allowing me to ensure no precious fabric goes to waste.


A huge benefit of using vintage and recycled fabrics is exclusivity.



REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE for ETHICAL STYLE. Vist my ABOUT page for more info.


Each pair of earrings may vary very slightly due to the nature of production and the materials used.


I am currently offering FREE UK SHIPPING on all orders over £30.

NEON CORAL FRINGE EARRINGS with stripey geo shapes

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  • 17cm x 6cm