Art deco style, Statement, dangly earrings in metallic colours by dakota rae dust.


Diamond shaped studs cut from a recycled grey and white patterned fabric and printed in black glitter vinyl, with a black and silver, elgonated, scallop segment component suspended below. 


These earrings are available in a selection of festive, metallic colour combinations, scroll the product images to see more colour options.


The fabric components in these earrings have been vinyl printed and cut out by hand.

The grey and white patterned cotton used in the diamond shape components was once a dress, rescued fom the textile recycling centre before being washed and repurposed.


Being fabric these dangly earrings are SUPER light weight and easy to wear. 

They fasten with a surgical steel stud, making them a good choice for anyone with sensitive ears or a nickel allergy.


Each earring measures 9.5 cm x 3 cm

METALLICS - Dangly Art deco style, statement earrings in black, white and silver

  • 9.5 cm x 3 cm