Decorative Hair clip

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Neon coral and glittery blue, decorative disc, prototype hair clip.

Please read the main product listing and check product images for SALE items before purchasing.

Welcome to the Samples and Seconds Sale

Neon coral and glittery blue, decorative disc, prototype hair clip.

Please see description below before purchasing for details on the reason this hair pin is on Sale.

The pieces in this Sale will fall into one of the following categories

Sample Colour ways

These pieces are brand new but are in colour combinations or compositions that have never been listed on my website. In some cases they look very similar to a product that you can find for full price on the website.


These pieces are brand new but have small misalignments in their components or small glue marks. These errors made during construction mean they cannot be sold full price as they aren’t ‘Product Shot Perfect’

Ex Shop Stock

These pieces have been returned by a stockist operating on a Sale or return basis. They aren’t damaged, but being made from mainly fabric the signs of spending 6 months + on display in a shop are visible.

Prototypes / Experiments

These pieces were created in the early stages of my design process or feature construction techniques that I no longer use. They may not meet my usual high standards. If you are happy to ignore an imperfect bib necklace back or earring hooks attached by a slightly frayed, hole punched hole instead of a neatly laser cut one then this is a great opportunity to snap up some striking and completely unique statement jewellery.


These pieces are in great condition but no longer part of my product range.

About the sale

I usually rely on markets and in person events to sell my samples and slight seconds but over the last couple of years I have also run successful Samples and Seconds Sales online. These offer me a great opportunity to find good homes for an array of prototypes, samples, seconds and discontinued jewellery. I am passionate to the point of obsession about limiting the waste created by my business so have spent the last couple of weeks gathering up any experimental shapes, prints and components and turning them into jewellery. If you’re after a bargain or something completely unique this is an excellent shopping opportunity.

Please excuse the product photography. In order to make a sale of this kind financially viable I need to keep the product listing process simple. Any obvious imperfections will be highlighted in the product shots so please scroll through all the provided images before committing to your purchase.

Happy Shopping

bec X


Metal hair grip


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