Extra long dangly earrings in turquoise

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These Extra long dangly earrings in turquoise and emerald glitter are Prototypes and have some imperfections.

Add some frivolous COLOUR and FUN to your outfit with these extra long, Statement earrings in bright turquoise, blue, gold and emerald glitter.

Please read the main product description and study product photos before purchasing a sale product.

These Extra long dangly earrings in turquoise and emerald glitter are Prototypes and have some imperfections.

The reverse side of the scalloped edge, circular components have not been backed in my (now) standard way. (Please see product photos for more details)

Please see the description below before purchasing for details of the reason these earrings are on Sale.

Prototypes / Experiments

These pieces were created in the early stages of my design process or feature construction techniques that I no longer use. They may not meet my usual high standards. If you are happy to ignore an imperfect bib necklace back or earring hooks attached by a slightly frayed, hole punched hole instead of a neatly laser cut one then this is a great opportunity to snap up some striking and completely unique statement jewellery


These pieces are brand new but have small misalignments in their components or small glue marks. These errors made during construction mean they cannot be sold full price as they aren’t ‘Product Shot Perfect’

The pieces in this Sale will fall into one of the following categories;
Sample colour ways, Imperfect pieces, Ex shop stock, Prototypes / Experiments, and Discontinued designs.


To read more about my Sale stock please visit the blog post ‘Samples and Seconds Sale’

Samples and Seconds Sale

About the extra long dangly earrings

The fabric components in these earrings have been vinyl printed and cut out by both scissors (the square stud and lower, dangly shape) and a laser cutter (the circular centre piece). Each segment is connected with a series of surgical steel jump rings giving the earrings plenty of movement.

Despite their size, being fabric they are SUPER light weight and easy to wear.

Each earring measures 14.5cm x 5.5cm.

These oversize earrings fasten with a surgical steel stud, making them a good choice for anyone with sensitive ears or a nickel allergy.

Dimensions15 × 5 cm
Adornment / Features

Articulated for extra movement


Surgical steel stud


Emerald green, Turquoise


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