Festival headdress in blue glitter and pink

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This Glittery blue and pink festival headdress is a Prototype and is in good condition.

For those EXTRA SPECIAL OCCASIONS . . . Festival field. . . Birthday party . . . . Ciders in your best mates garden?! . . . we can dream

This ornately decorative headpiece will ensure you SPARKLE !

This Glittery blue and pink festival headdress is a Prototype and is in good condition.

Please see the description below before purchasing for details of the reason this sparkly headband is on Sale.

Prototypes / Experiments

These pieces were created in the early stages of my design process or feature construction techniques that I no longer use. They may not quite meet my usual high standards. If you are happy to ignore an imperfect bib necklace back or earring hooks attached by a slightly frayed, hole punched hole instead of a neatly laser cut one then this is a great opportunity to snap up some striking and completely unique statement jewellery.

The pieces in this Sale will fall into one of the following categories;

Sample colour ways, Imperfect pieces, Ex shop stock, Prototypes / Experiments, and Discontinued designs.


To read more about my Sale stock please visit the blog post ‘Samples and Seconds Sale’

Samples and Seconds Sale

Textile designer Bec continues her quest to repurpose charity shop fabric finds and donated textile offcuts. Adding bold vinyl prints and laser cut fabric ‘sequins’ to create playful hair accessories, statement jewellery.

Adornment / Features

Articulated for extra movement


Adjustable length, elastic ties


Blue, Pink, Turquoise


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