Jazzy plectrum earrings purple lilac gold

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These Jazzy plectrum earrings in pastel blue, pale metallic pink, bright pink and glittery peach are a SAMPLE colourway.

Please read the main product listing and check product images for SALE items before purchasing.

These Jazzy plectrum earrings in purple, lilac and gold are a SAMPLE colourway and have a small (barely visible) smear of glue on the gold mirrored teardrop.

Please see the description below before purchasing for details of the reason these earrings are on Sale.

Sample Colour ways

These pieces are brand new but are in colour combinations or compositions that have never been listed on my website. In some cases they look very similar to a product that you can find for full price on the website.


These pieces are brand new but have small misalignments in their components or small glue marks. These errors made during construction mean they cannot be sold full price as they aren’t ‘Product Shot Perfect’


The pieces in this Sale will fall into one of the following categories;
Sample colour ways, Imperfect pieces, Ex shop stock, Prototypes / Experiments, and Discontinued designs.


To read more about my Sale stock please visit the blog post ‘Samples and Seconds Sale’

Samples and Seconds Sale


Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions5.5 × 4 cm

Surgical steel hook


Gold, lilac, Navy, Purple


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