mini jewel earrings 2


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These glittery green and lilac mini jewel earrings are in a sample colour way. They are in perfect condition.

Please check the multiple product images for details of any faults or imperfections in SALE items BEFORE purchasing.

Each earring measures roughly 5cm in length and 3cm wide.

Please see the description below for details of the reason these mini jewel earrings are included in the Sale.


These pieces are brand new but are in colour combinations or compositions that have never been listed on my website. In some cases they look very similar to a product that you can find for full price on the website.

The pieces in this Sale will fall into one or more of the following categories;
Sample colour ways, Imperfect pieces, Ex shop stock, Prototypes / Experiments, and Discontinued designs.

To read more about my Sale stock please visit the blog post ‘Samples and Seconds Sale’ which was written last January.

Samples and Seconds Sale


Dimensions5 × 3 cm


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