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Summer 2021’s Embellished sweatshirts

Exciting news . . .

The embellished sweatshirt is back . . .


A slim fit women's sweatshirt with a fluorescent pink costume jewellery inspired print over the bib area is laid out flat against a black and white patterned background. The embellished sweatshirt has glittery blue teardrop shapes and recycled fabric applique panels.
Behold this bright and glittery goodness . . .


Dress up for some Feel Good / Festival Fun in one of this Summer’s embellished sweatshirts. Just like jewellery on a jumper, dAKOTA rAE dUST hand customised garments offer all the impact of a colourful, oversize statement necklace, with the comfort and cosiness of your favourite sweater.

The samples have been stitched and my order books are now OPEN. This Summer’s offering is slightly different to last year’s embellished sweatshirt ordering opportunity. Read on to learn more about this season’s exciting new print colour combos, recycled fabrics, garment shapes and size guides.


An introduction to Embellished sweatshirts


Every dAKOTA rAE dUST garment embellishment is hand stitched and vinyl printed by me, Bec, in my Bristol studio. Each colourful, textural print consists of three layers.

1. A patterned fabric base, cut from vintage or second hand fabric. Recycling and giving new life to unwanted textiles is a huge passion of mine, so this is usually sourced from a textile recycling centre, local charity shop or acquired via a kind donation from a fellow maker looking to repurpose for their fabric offcuts. I cut the shapes out by hand and machine stitch them – applique style – to the sweatshirt. I am offering a choice of THREE secondhand fabrics in this Summer’s launch.

2. The base print. This decorative bib print was originally inspired by a love of vintage costume jewellery. If you look closely you’ll recognise classic cut gemstone shapes and claw setting inspired notches. This large vinyl print covers the décolletage or chest area of the garment and overlaps parts of the appliqued fabric base layer.

3. The 2D printed ‘JEWELS’. The statement jewellery inspired base print is given some extra textural detail with the addition of a layer of vinyl printed components. These 2D printed ‘jewels’ are cut out by hand, then stitched by both machine and hand into place, creating a truly unique and luxurious piece of clothing.

This image consists of the photos, each depicts a different stage of the embellished sweatshirt stitching process. A sweatshirt with a fluoro pink print is seen on a sewing machine. A pair of woman's hands using small sharp, orange handled scissors to cut out some printed, fabric teardrop shapes and the same hands are seen hand sewing the teardrops to the sweatshirt.
Embellished sweatshirt stitching and scissor snipping.



Summer 2021’s embellishment options


In this latest release I am offering a choice of THREE embellishment colour combinations, each with a different second hand fabric appliqué base:

Embellishment option 1 –

The base fabric is a vintage, painterly floral fabric in lilac, red and turquoise. Once a dress, it was a lucky find at a jumble sale several years ago. Worn until it ripped, it is now being repurposed in my colourful garment embellishments and textile jewellery.

A close up of some vintage floral dress fabric, seen on the left hand side of the image against a black a white boldly striped background, and on the right hand side of the image being held by a white woman's hand to show the scale of the print.
The vintage floral fabric used in embellishment option 1.

This fabric is paired with layers of midnight blue glitter, turquoise and pale lavender pink textured prints.

Embellishment option 1. on a grey marl, dropped shoulder sweatshirt
Embellishment option 1. on a black T-shirt dress
Embellishment option 2 –

The base fabric is an abstract patterned, pastel and black jersey fabric. Once a T-shirt dress, it was given to me by a friend who found it in a Bristol charity shop and is now being repurposed in my garment embellishments.

A close up of some secondhand abstract patterned jersey fabric, in pastel colours and black. It is seen on the right hand side of the image being held by a white woman's hand to show the scale of the print and on the right hand side of the image against a black and white boldly striped background.
The abstract patterned, pastel coloured jersey used in embellishment option 2.

This fabric is paired with layers of fluorescent pink, pale duck egg blue and bubblegum blue glitter textured prints.

Embellishment option 2. on a black slim fit cotton T-shirt
Embellishment option 2. on a grey dropped shoulder sweatshirt
Embellishment option 3 –

The base fabric is a retro floral print cotton which was donated to me by a fabric loving friend who was having a clear out. After spending years in her textiles treasure chest it is being given a new lease of life in this Summer’s sweatshirt / T-shirt embellishments.

A close up of some retro floral print fabric, seen on the left hand side of the image against a black and white boldly striped background, and on the right hand side of the image being held by a white woman's hand to show the scale of the print.
The retro floral print cotton used in embellishment option 3.

This fabric is paired with layers of neon coral glitter, shiny gold mirror and lilac textured prints.

Embellishment option 3. on a white oversize T-shirt

Embellishment option 3. on a black oversize T-shirt


Summer 2021’s garment options


This release includes SIX garment options. Two sweatshirt styles, three Ts and a T-shirt dress! After much deliberation and discussion with existing customers and friends via instagram stories I decided that I want to offer you plenty of choice when it comes to garment shape and ensure as many people as possible can find a style that’s to their taste.

A grid of six images, all black and white photographs of garment options for the embellished sweatshirts, T-shirts and T-dress
Top left -The dropped shoulder sweatshirt, Top middle -the original slim fit sweatshirt, Top right – the oversize T-shirt, Bottom left – the loose fit T-shirt, Bottom middle – the original slim fit T-shirt, Bottom right – The T-shirt dress

A size guide, details of the fabric’s content and photos for each style of sweatshirt/T-shirt/dress can be found in the relevant product listing, with a diagram showing the points on each garment that the measurements have been taken. To find the best fit I recommend laying out a garment you already own and like the size of, and comparing the measurements to find the best match on the guide.

Follow the links below for more info on your favourite garments:

The dropped shoulder sweatshirt

The original, slim fit sweatshirt

The oversize T-shirt

The loose fit T-shirt

The original slim fit T-shirt

The T-shirt dress

or shop ALL Embellished clothing here.


Alternatively, for the ultimate personalisation service, you can commission the embellishment of a garment of your choice. This might be a something you already own and love, something you’ve brought secondhand or just selected especially for the perfect fit/style/colour.

Please note – The slim fit sweatshirt and T-shirt which i have used in previous releases has now been discontinued. However I do have a handful of each garment in stock. Colours and sizes are limited in these two garments.

A black wide neck sweatshirt worn by a white mannequin, against a black and white patterned background. The sweatshirt has a decorative neon coral, gold and lilac print over the bib area.
The slim fit sweatshirt used in last year’s release, decorated with embellishment option 3.
How to wash your Embellished sweatshirts and T’s


Good news . .  . All my hand embellished garments can be machine washed on a gentle cycle. In order to keep the textured components in your print in good condition i recommend washing inside out on a cool setting, i.e 30 degrees or less. After washing it is best to shake out your embellished garment then allow it to dry naturally on a clothes rack or washing line. DO NOT tumble dry or iron directly over the print.


Finally . . . that lovely lilac T-shirt

If you follow me on social media you may have seen this sample T-shirt embellishment. Although i’m not currently able to get my hands on any of these I can confirm that I will be offering an opportunity to order one later this Summer when the garments are back in stock. I’ll share news of their arrival via my VIP mailing list so be sure to subscribe if you’d like to receive a heads up.

This lilac T-shirt will be available later this Summer.


Due to their consuming nature my embellished garments aren’t available year round but released sporadically throughout the year in limited edition colour combinations. This means every item will be printed and stitched to order. Summer 2021’s sweatshirts and Ts will be available to purchase until midnight on Thursday 1st July and will have a 2-3 week turn around time.

Head over to Embellished clothing to peruse the range yourself.

If there’s anything I’ve missed or you have any questions just drop me message. . . . or swing by my instagram for more behind the scenes shots and embellished garment making videos.

bIG LOVE & JOYFUL jumpers

bec X





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