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New year . . . New studio . . .

New Year, New studio . . . . and lots of exciting NEW joyful jewellery plans

What’s NEW in 2022?


A rather delayed HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU! It’s been a while so I thought i’d share some news and let you know what you can expect from dAKOTA rAE dUST in the coming months. I handed in the keys for my old workspace on the 5th Jan and spent a week+ over Christmas and New Year packing up and moving into the new studio. It’s not feeling quite like home just yet but i’m back to business and already making some colourful plans for 2022. Read on to hear more.


A black and white photo of dakota rae dust designer Bec, a white woman with a short fringe, looking off to one side of the photo with a white cartoon dream style cloud above her head. The cloud contains a photo of some blue and lilac earrings modelled by a young woman and the words "PLANS for 2022, more pastel colours?"
Making plans for more JOYFUL Jewellery
The NEW STUDIO . . . and a little bit about my old one

This latest re-location is actually my SECOND move in the last 9 months. Spurred on by a lonely lockdown working full time from one end of my living room, in May 2021 I moved my business out of the flat and into my first studio space. Working from home (WFH) served me very well while I was running my business along side other work and money was tight when i first went full time but started to feel VERY tough when all other social interactions were removed due to covid restrictions. When the world felt bleak the business was a welcome, colourful escape but trying to keep a healthy work / life balance when there was so little else to do was hard. When a group of small business buddies announced they were looking to rent somewhere it finally felt like the right time to give my business a space of it’s own. . . Which was VERY EXCITING.

The photo below shows the space I moved into at the beginning of last Summer. I took on an eighth of a giant room which was part of an old Victorian Library building and shared with three other creative, small business owners and friends. Gaining a place to go everyday, creative colleagues AND reclaiming a large section of my living room has been a treat. I’m not sure I could go back to my old ways and now thoroughly enjoy NOT WFH.


A cluttered and colourful studio space. Fabrics spill out of half unpacked boxes in front of some white shelving, a desk and ironing board
Way back in May 2021, unpacking at my old studio in Old Market, Bristol

By Autumn with a January rent increase looming we all agreed to move out of the library. Lots of gumtree searches and a handful of viewings later Jodie (my lovely friend and the talented illustrator behind Sunshine for Breakfast) and I found our new well lit space at Pithay Studios in the centre of Bristol. I spent much of my Christmas “break” lugging boxes, scrubbing floors and painting walls but things are finally STARTING to feel slightly more sorted. (Shout out to John, our man with a van / moving day hero!)


Three images. The first shows a creative studio space including a very cluttered desk and bright yellow chair. The second shows the same space almost empty apart from a hoover and some shelves. The third shows all the items from the first photo, including the yellow chair packed into the back of a removal van.
Clearing out our shared studio at The Old Library, Old Market and John’s van


The photos below show my new studio. WALLS are quite a novelty after my previous studio set up. The space in The Old Library was in a listed building so nothing was allowed to be attached to the walls and the room was so big that my allocated area only had a small section of wall at one end. I’m planning to add patterned fabric blinds to the lower third of that giant window, a rug for warmth and some COLOUR to that fresh white paint. Do you enjoy having a nosey round other people’s creative spaces? Follow me on instagram for studio updates, decorating progress . . .  (and LOTS of jOY bringing jewellery obviously).


Four images showing a white walled new studio space from a variety of angles. Shelving, a desk, big windows, many boxes yet to be unpacked and a hand painted yellow chair
my NEW studio in Pithay Studios, Bristol

If you live in Bristol and opt to collect your Statement Jewellery order from BS1 this is where you will find me most week days.


It’s that time of year again . . . Are you ready for a JANUARY SALE?


I’ve filed my tax return and am now able to focus on the other activity this month has become synonymous with . . . running a SALE.

The process of designing, making and selling products inevitably creates some prototypes, experimental pieces, ex shop stock and slight seconds. These quieter months at the start of the year have established themselves as a time that many makers choose to clear out older stock and make way for new designs, and after experiencing that studio move I desperately need a clear out!

I am passionate about reducing the waste created by my small business so am currently obsessively collecting up all my experimental / spare shapes, prints and components, and turning them into jewellery. If you’re after a serious bargain or something completely unique this is an excellent opportunity. Sign up to my VIP mailing list to receive an email reminder and more details about this year’s Sale.


Three pairs over colourful, oversize earrings adorned with giant jewels mounted on black and white patterned, dakota rae dust branded cards are held in a woman's hand
These giant JEWELLED Statement earrings will be available in this month’s Sample and Seconds Sale

and finally . . .

Some plans for 2022 . . .


Good News . . . These best selling Statement earrings will be making a return.


Several pairs of the same laser cut lilac and light blue jewelled statement earrings mounted on dakota rae dust branded cards are held in a woman's open hand
The lilac and light blue jewelled Statement earrings that I launched back in October 2021


Back in October I launched a collection of lilac and light blue JEWELLED Statement jewellery. The vinyl prints, jewels and surgical steel studs were new but every fabric used in this collection of laser cut jewellery was secondhand. A mix of vintage fabric and repurposed donated clothing all found in my local charity shops. The pastel colours proved very popular but my plans for a restock were solidified when I received these stunning photos from a wedding shoot by Peach Portman Photography which featured a pair of these Statement Jewel earrings. I want to share more about my design process and passion for using secondhand fabrics this year. I think relaunching this pair could provide a great opportunity to talk about why I choose to recycle/repurpose where possible.


a row of three photographs of a white female model wearing a voluminous lilac dress and a pair of lilac and light blue statement jewel earrings by dakota rae dust
The MOST beautiful wedding shoot featuring a pair of my Statement Jewel earrings


Where I hope to be selling my Statement jewellery this Summer


The bright colours, silky fringe, glittery prints and attention grabbing nature of my adornments mean they are perfect festival accessories. Whether you want to team some tassels with a full sequin catsuit and cape or simply add a POP of colour to an every day outfit, I LOVE the idea that my colourful jewellery can help people dress up, have fun and express themselves. Is there ANYWHERE ON EARTH where this is encouraged more than in the festival fields? If all goes to plan I will be back trading at my absolute fancy dress favourite, Shambala Festival in August 2022.


I hope to see you there X


A row of three photos. Each shows a section of a colourful market pitch packed with colourful jewellery. The middle photo includes a woman wearing a large pink floral headpiece and grey sweatshirt
Festival trading with Crafty Fox market last Summer



bec X



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