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Jo Custom headdress deposit part 2


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Custom headdress deposit for Jo

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A custom colours, headdress featuring the laser cut, gem adorned shapes seen in the JEWELLED collection.


Deposit for a custom headdress in the halo style using the gem adorned shapes seen in the ‘JEWELLED‘ collection.

  Custom headdress for Jo Outstanding £36. (£44 paid already)   Would you love a one of a kind piece of statement jewellery that has been made by hand just for you, in a colour palette of your choice? Your chosen piece of jewellery will be constructed using my self taught techniques, pairing new and recycled textiles with bold vinyl prints. This allows a personal or meaningful piece of textiles of your choice to be included in the earrings, necklace or headdress that you wear on your special day.  

How a dakota rae dust Custom Jewellery commission works

Initial custom jewellery consultation
This can take place via email or whatsapp. We will discuss the type/ style of jewellery you would like to commission then decide on a rough plan for your final design before I start work. I recommend you provide some physical colour swatches and any fabric you would like included in your unique piece of  jewellery by post before this first chat.
Sourcing fabric/vinyl/jewels and cutting your wedding jewellery components
Any fabrics, vinyl and any jewels you wish to include will be ordered/found. I will then prepare the fabrics and cut a selection of components which you will be able to vet BEFORE your piece is properly constructed.
Feedback and Finalising
Images of your partially completed / prototype stage jewellery will be sent via email for you to feed back on. We will work together, either over the phone, video call, email or in person (if you are able to swing by my Bristol studio space) to finalise the design and make any tweaks before I construct your personalised piece of jewellery.
Your custom headdress will be packaged and sent by 1st class post.   Please allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks for your custom headdress to be cut, printed and stitched. Custom colour ways will also require an additional period of time for fabric sourcing and colour matching. I recommend we begin discussing custom pieces a minimum of 3 months prior to your big day.   THANK YOU! bec X   Please visit my ABOUT page to read more about my vintage, new and recycled fabric textile jewellery, or come and say ‘hey’ over on instagram or facebook.  bec x    
Gift-ready packaging
Handmade in Bristol, UK
A woman with brown hair tied in a messy top knot, a short fringe and large bright pink statement earrings is smiling at the camera. Behind her is a colourful blue, pink and yellow graffiti covered wall

Meet Dakota Rae Dust

Feel Good / Festival worthy colourful Statement jewellery and the occasional batch of embellished sweatshirts. Handmade from new and secondhand fabrics by textile junkie Bec in Bristol, UK.

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