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Highlights from a glorious weekend selling my Statement festival Jewellery at Shambala festival


I’m back in my own bed after four nights under canvas, selling my colourful festival jewellery at Shambala festival. A few good nights sleep, a  studio tidy and a couple of large loads of laundry later and I’m feeling ready to face the festive season ahead. . . BUT before diving head first into Christmas planning I wanted to say a few THANK YOUS and share some highlights from my magical 4 days away.

Basically I don’t want the (eco) glittery good times to end.


A woman wearing a fringed headdress, colourful bib necklace and patterned purple gown is posing in front of a colourful market stall. The white pegboards on the table are displaying rows of colourful festival jewellery, tassel earrings and bib necklaces.
That’s me, touting my wares. Wearing ALL the glitter, tassels and fringe for a final day of trading in the Crafty Fox Market tent


My top 5 favourite things about selling my colourful festival jewellery at Shambala festival


In no particular order . . .

1. A large and much needed dose of ESCAPISM


It’s been 3 years since I last set up shop at Shambala Festival with pegboards dripping in colourful dakota rae dust Statement jewellery and it was so good to be back. I came away filled with hope and positivity for the future. Recharged and ready to take on the months ahead.

Shambolimpics, power ballad yoga, enthusiastic no co-ordination required mass morning dance classes, a 1950s American diner/bowling alley inspired welcome dance, this year’s ‘Game on’ fancy dress theme parade . .  I could go on . . . and on

Being immersed in so much silliness, playfulness, incredible fancydressiness!!, colour, connection and fun was an absolute delight. I truly appreciate what a privilege it is to be able to put the news and life stresses on pause for a long weekend and indulge in these pleasures. It was an absolute tonic X


Two colourfully dressed festival goers wearing sunglasses in front of a clear blue sky holding a plastic crab!!
Two colourfully dressed customers (taken at Shambala 2019)

2. The dressing up


To every beautiful human who contributed to the endlessly entertaining parade of costume creativity flowing past the tent. Thank you Shambala for being a safe place where we can dress up, express and celebrate ourselves and each other.  Big up all you bum baring, eco glitter smeared souls and independent festival fashion supporting superstars. A special shout out to the glamorous Chris in the pink sequinned dress who deliberated over the perfect pair of tassel earrings.


Two photos side by side. On the left a close up of a white pegboard displaying some colourful tassel earrings and festival jewellery. On the right two women standing side by side in colourful festival clothing smile at the camera. One is waving a fan and behind them is a colourful jewellery stall in a festival marquee.
Feel good / festival jewellery and the lovely Rosie and Jo in the Crafty Fox tent

3. Meeting and reconnecting with fellow festival jewellery fans and treasured customers.


It was a joy to catch and share our delight at being back in the festival fields. So many of you brought some festival jewellery then popped back to show me it being worn in the wild, which I love! If you stopped by for a chat you made the potentially frustrating situation of being stuck in one tent  for 8 hours straight while festival life frolicked outside an absolute joy. Genuinely, how can i feel like i’m missing out when you lot are bringing so much sparkle and energy to my table.


4. My fellow traders and small creative business owning friends


I was trading in a large, shared marquee hosted by Crafty Fox Market  and working alongside lots of wonderful friends and fellow makers. Our usual, occasional market meet ups where everyone has a train to catch and/or long journey home mean  ‘afterwork drinks’ are a rarity . This weekend we spent our fancy dress filled evenings exploring the sights and sounds of Shambala together. It’s basically the small business, sole traders equivalent of a Christmas party! Cheeeeeeeers to that!


A warmly lit photo of three women dressed in brightly patterned outfits inside a marquee with colourful tassel bunting. The women have their arms around each other and are smiling
The golden hour. Fellow crafty Fox traders Rosa Pietsch, Nikki Strange and I in our festival finery.


5. Random unforgettable moments of pure silliness . . . of which Shambala festival provides many!

These are plentiful and it feels hard to pick just one but this year’s most memorable moment has to be physically rolling a woman dressed in a hula hoop hemmed ballgown into to a Peequal women’s urinal. 


The open front of a large canvas marquee with bright red posts is adorned with pastel coloured bunting made of strips of fabric and round wooden signs printed in red with the words 'crafty fox market'. The sky above the tent is bright blue with some fluffy white clouds
The beautifully dressed Crafty Fox tent and blue sky and flags over Shambala festival

. . . . and finally a few Thank yous


A huge Thank you To Sinead, Stef and team at Crafty Fox Market who meticulously planned, curated and hosted an at first, impossible sounding double festival weekend (hosting markets in both We Out Here AND Shambala on the same weekend!?).

To Alice whose lovely face is on my new business cards, for popping by with her beautiful family so we could meet properly in person.

To Sol, Twinks, Louise, no words, just massive fluoro filled appreciation.

To Rosa & Rowan for transporting my driving licenseLESS self to the site and helping move boxes of STUFF and generally being festival bad asses.

To Ellie whose excessive festival packing and Girl guide leader energy kept us fed and watered with morning tent teas and slices of Soreen.

To  Shambala’s ever developing, awe inspiring mission to bring eco conscious and inclusive positive change to wider society through festivals.

To frozen margarita camping tips, sips from hip flasks, Charlotte Church, Sarah, Rio, BriZZLE babes . . .

To . . . TO . . . TO . . . YOU

You warmed my heart, you made me smile, you are wonderful xxxx


bec X


A close up of a selection of colourful tassel earrings and images of the earrings being modelled displayed on some white pegboard


If you’re heading to a festival field this Summer . . . or just fancy some beautifully bright, joy bringing jewellery you can check out some of my favourite statement jewellery styles HERE



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