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Share your statement jewellery selfies to win a £25 dakota rae dust credit

I love seeing how you style your statement jewellery


Dakota Rae Dust is my colourful statement jewellery brand which I run from a shared studio space in central Bristol. I create bright, bold and playful pieces driven by a love of colour, pattern and texture, and a desire to make getting dressed FUN!

I believe colour has the ability to lift mood and that dressing to please ourselves can be empowering and confidence building. This is lovingly crafted, limited edition, feel good / festival jewellery designed to make lovers of colour and sparkle squeal with delight.


A woman with a short brown fringe wearing a black and white stripey t-shirt and large neon orange and pink statement tassel earrings is standing in front of a colourful graffiti covered wall. Her head is bowed and she is holding an open hand behind each ear to draw attention to her earrings
That’s me wearing my Statement Jewel tassel earrings in front of a colourful piece of street art in Bristol’s Stokes Croft


I make the jewellery BUT it’s usually YOU who capture the best photos of it!


I sell my wares primarily online so images that convey the size, quality, colours . . . and general jazziness of my statement earrings, bold bib necklaces and silky tassels are essential.

Paying photographers, models and make up artists can be a big (sometimes impossible) financial commitment for small . . . or nano! businesses like mine, so realising that no one can capture the ‘JOY of dressing up’ quite like YOU has been a wonderful discovery.


Two polaroid photos sit on a black and white patterned background. Both photos feature two smiling women wearing floral headdresses, heart shaped sunglasses and colourful statement tassel earrings
Dominique and Georgie of LOVE SPECS styling their Statement tassel earrings with heart shaped, light diffracting sun glasses and floral headdresses.

I regularly share customer photos on my social media. Please tag your Statement jewellery selfies with @dakotaraedust to be featured on my instagram account.


What I LOVE about your statement jewellery selfies


Seeing you get creative and share ideas for styling your Statement Jewellery is hugely inspiring. My pieces are designed to be dressed up or down, to suit any occasion, and I’m just as likely to wear my favourite tassel earrings to a posh Birthday meal as I am a pop to the shop. Watching you really make your jewellery your own and witnessing the pleasure wearing something you love can bring gives me a real buzz.

Your photos are a wonderful reminder of the importance of self expression and reassurance that my wares go out into the world and spread some JOY.

It’s not just for me though, your statement jewellery selfies also provide potential customers scrolling social media with a clearer picture of how a piece of jewellery might look when worn and some inspiration around how to style it. Whether they’re planning on purchasing something to wear to a Summer wedding, festival or just some general joyful dressing. Seeing a piece of jewellery being worn out in the wild can really bring it to life.


I love seeing what you style my statement jewellery with


Possibly most exciting of all is seeing my statement jewellery paired with products made by fellow small businesses.

Kali (below left) runs macrame business, Kalicrame and hand knots brightly coloured detachable bag straps, bottle holders, wall hangings and coasters. Kali (below left) styles her Graphic stripe earrings with a Summery tie dye T-shirt and one of her macrame bottle holders.


Two polaroid photos sit on a black and white patterned background. The photo on the left features a woman wearing a colourful tie dye t-shirt and graphic stripe earrings, standing with her back to the camera. The photo on the right is a close up of the lower half of a woman's face and chest. She is wearing a grey sweatshirt with a patterned letter A and some minty green statement tassel earrings
Kali  and Alison, stylish supporters of shopping small.


Alison (above right) has teamed her mint green Statement tassel earrings with an embellished letter ‘A’ sweatshirt by Brighton based, bold appliqued sweatshirt stitchers, Zilla.

Natalie (below) can always be trusted to style and take a stunning photo, but this one is truly spectacular. This rainbow striped ensemble features a colourful dress by Farm Rio, embroidered bag from Beach House Threads and a pair of my oversize Jazzy plectrum style earrings.


A polaroid photo of a woman with shiny copper coloured hair and a big fringe, wearing a rainbow striped dress and oversize earrings is lying at a jaunty angle on a black and white patterned background
The gorgeous Natalie in her pink, red and gold jazzy plectrums.

Celebrating your Statement jewellery selfies with a feature on the website and £25 reward


I regularly re-share your Statement jewellery selfies on social media but have decided to make this celebration of your pictures more official. There is now an ‘I love seeing how you style your statement jewellery‘ spot on my website’s homepage and I will be featuring my favourite photos there (with their owner’s permission) in exchange for £25 dakota rae dust credit.


Two polaroid photos sit on a black and white patterned background. The photo on the left features a woman wearing a patterned catsuit, sequinned cape and tassel earrings sitting on a mans shoulders in a crowd of people. Both are smiling and the sky behind them is blue and littered with pink confetti. The photo on the right is a close up of a woman with her tongue out wearing a large red sun hat and statement tassel earrings. The sun is shining and the photo feels warm
Both Liz (above left) and Dulcie’s (above right) Statement earring selfies featured on the website this Summer


Above are a couple of this Summer’s featured photos. Star of this ‘Oh my gosh, glorious Glastonbury moment’  is Liz, who is wearing a BurntSoul catsuit, RosaBloom sequinned cape and a pair of dakota rae dust Statement tassel earrings to watch Diana Ross play the festival’s Sunday afternoon Legends slot.

The sun soaked shot of Dulcie channelling all the holiday vibes in a pair of my oversize, statement tassel earrings and a giant sunhat transports me straight to an Ibiza roof terrace. Somebody pass the sun cream.

Fancy getting involved?

What makes a stand out Statement jewellery selfie?


Read on for some tips:

  • Make sure your jewellery is clearly visible in the photo and not obscured by hair or other objects/body parts.
  • Don’t be shy, your Statement jewellery selfie will have more impact if you’re closer to the camera.
  • Bright colours are key to my brand aesthetic so including some in your image will ensure it looks at home on the website.
  • Find some good natural light and hold your camera nice and steady.
  • Action shots, multiple models, fancy dress, minimal make up are all welcome. If you’d rather not show your face experiment with other ways to display your jewellery. Hands, flat lays, pets ?! Go get creative.


Two polaroid photos sit on a black and white stripey background. The photo on the left features a woman with short turquoise and pink hair and pink lips, smiling at the camera. she is wearing pink and turquoise statement earrings and a sequinned top. The photo on the right is a close up of a woman with curly brown hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a white top with black polka dots and colourful tassel earrings. She is using her hand to tuck her hair behind her ear to better show off the earring and looking into the camera
@goldtooth_glamour and Esther of Origami_est pose in colourful Statement earrings


To be in with a chance of receiving £25 credit in exchange for the use of your photo on the website homepage* please tag your statement jewellery selfies with @dakotaraedust on instagram or email them to me direct at [email protected].




bec X



*Please note – photos tagged on instagram may be shared to my stories but sadly I can only offer the £25 credit to those EXTRA SPECIAL selected images which appear on my website homepage.


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