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Five ways to style your statement bib necklace


Statement bib necklace styling tips for lovers of bold jewellery


HeY, I’m Bec. I am the colour loving creative behind Bristol based, indie jewellery brand Dakota Rae Dust.

My small business has become known for providing feel good / festival jewellery, designed for anyone with a love of colour and a desire to dress up and have fun with fashion. My statement earrings and necklaces feature brightly coloured fabrics and fluorescent or glittery prints, and are often adorned with shiny jewels, silky tassels or trimmed with a neon fringe.

The distinctive, oversize earrings and striking statement bib necklaces make perfect party pieces and/or festival wear but I encourage you to enjoy them whenever and wherever you’re feeling playful or in need of a POP of colour.


A white woman wearing a stripey t-shirt and statement bib necklace is smiling into the camera. Behind her is a pink graffiti covered wall. The round photo is framed by a block of white patterned with uneven, elongated polka dots.
I LOVE a statement bib necklace!


As you might imagine I am a big fan of an oversize earring but it’s actually the statement bib necklaces in my personal jewellery collection that get the most wear. These eye catching bLingy beaUTIES are super adaptable and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or your mood.

(If you’re not already a convert) Please allow me to introduce you to the joys of a statement bib necklace.

  • Bold statement jewellery and accessories are an easy and accessible way to update your existing wardrobe and add a pop of colour or playfulness to an outfit.
  • All my statement necklaces fasten with cord ties meaning the necklace’s height is adjustable. They can be worn high like a choker (and fit snugly under a shirt collar) or sit lower down on your chest.
  • Being made from fabric and vinyl they are light weight and so comfortable you’ll barely notice you’re wearing one.



A row of six polaroids on a white background with black hand drawn looking stripes. Every image shows a statement bib necklace, either displayed on a white mannequin neck or seen up close held in a woman's hand.
Which would you wear? A mini bib OR a more striking, oversize statement necklace?


Still not convinced?

Read on for my top five ways to style your statement bib necklace . . .

in no particular order –


1. Add some jazzy jewellery to a buttoned up shirt


I believe getting dressed should be fun and this look brings me plenty!

Adding some contemporary bold jewellery to the collar of a smartly buttoned shirt is a great way to bring some playful energy to an otherwise potentially uptight feeling garment.

For maximum impact I recommend pairing your bib necklace with a boldly patterned shirt. It’s a strong look but I’m a big fan of the way the bright colours in my colourful statement jewellery stand out against a monochrome stripe. For a more subtle affect experiment with wearing similar colours under your bib.


Two polaroids, side by side on a white background with black hand drawn looking stripes. on the left a woman wearing a black and white stripey shirt and bright blue and coral tassel necklace stands in front of a black and white polka dot background. On the left is a close up of a lilac and light blue jewelled bib necklace worn with a blue patterned shirt. The wearer is lifting the collar of the shirt to show off the necklace.
left – Bright colours POP against a black and white stripe. right – A pale turquoise patterned vintage shirt creates an interesting base for this pastel coloured bib.

2. Sling a statement necklace over your favourite slouchy sweater.


For the ultimate comfort AND style, keep it cosy and casual with a ‘jewels + jumper’ combo.

Rosie wears her pastel and iridescent jewel adorned, oversize statement bib necklace with a lilac animal print knitted jumper. Let your bib be the star of the show by wearing it with a plain sweatshirt or add patterns / print for extra pizzazz.


Three polaroids are scattered at jaunty angles on a white background with black hand drawn looking stripes. All three images are of a lilac and light blue statement bib necklace with iridescent jewels. In one image the necklace is being worn by a woman wearing a lilac animal print sweater.
Full marks for creative styling! Rosie wears her pastel coloured, oversize iridescent bib with a lilac animal print sweater

3. Wear your statement bib necklace with a low cut top and tonal colours for ‘Going out’ glam


This luxurious mini bib necklace is part of my Iridescent Sparkle collection. A range of glittery and glamorous, laser cut statement jewellery which was launched in the run up to Christmas 2022. The collection’s studs, dangly statement earrings and bib necklaces were designed to be worn year round, adding some special occasion sparkle to your Christmas party outfit, favourite festival fashion or everyday attire.

Every laser cut component in this collection features some secondhand fabric. The various black and grey repurposed fabrics have been backed for durability and decorated with luxurious light reflecting, colour change iridescent and silver glitter detail. Offering a more muted alternative to my standard fluoro filled colour palettes.

Let your Statement bib necklace shine by keeping the rest of your outfit / neckline super simple.


Two polaroids are scattered at jaunty angles on a white background with black hand drawn looking stripes. Both images are of a black, silver statement bib necklace adorned with petrol look discs. In one image the necklace is being worn by a woman wearing a low cut dark coloured top and in the other it is displayed on a white mannequin neck.
Wear with a plain dress for Christmas party perfect styling


4. Add some contrasting colour to maximise your statement bib necklace’s colour popping potential


This one is for the committed colour lovers (and my personal fave!).

Opting to add a solid expanse of bright and contrasting colour with your choice of top (or entire outfit!) is a great way to maximise the impact of your favourite, colourful accessory. I believe the professional term is ‘colour blocking’.

This hot pink and neon orange oversize statement bib necklace is another personal favourite of mine. I’m not usually a huge fan of wearing yellow but was pleasantly surprised by how well these two work together.


Three polaroids are scattered at jaunty angles on a white background with black hand drawn looking stripes. All three images are of a bright pink and orange statement bib necklace with pink jewels. In one image the necklace is being worn by a woman in a bright yellow t-shirt.
More is More when it comes to colour if you ask me.


5. For maximum small business supporting satisfaction . . .  style your colourful statement bib necklace with some boldly patterned L.O.M lycra


This image was taken at a festival themed photoshoot back in Summer 2021 with photographer Peach Portman. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a small selection of colourful L.O.M Fashion printed lycra pieces which were a perfect pairing with my bright statement earrings and necklaces.

If you’re heading to a festival field this Summer I can wholeheartedly recommend you check out Louise’s latest collections.


Three photos (two polaroid look frames) are scattered at jaunty angles on a white background with black hand drawn looking stripes. All three images are of a young black woman with cropped lilac hair. She wears a turquoise and purple brightly patterned, off the shoulder body suit with a floppy, pom pom trimmed frill and a statement bib necklace and earrings in similar colours. She is smiling, posing for the camera.
This L.O.M fashion printed, pom pom trimmed bodysuit and my colourful festival jewellery was a match made in heaven.


So, How will you wear yours?


If you’ve got a favourite way to style your statement bib necklace (or any of your dakota rae dust jewellery collection) that you’d like to share, please tag me in your photos on instagram , facebook or email them to me direct at [email protected].

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